2019 Covenant Renewal at First Abuja Parish

Report bySister Grace Nartey-Addo

Be Strong and Courageous!

This year’s Covenant Renewal programme at First Abuja Parish was held January 9 – 13, 2019. During the period, the 2019 General Assembly Theme: “Be Strong and Courageous” (Joshua 1:9) was explored by two external resource persons: Pastor Emmanuel Onuoha and Brother Justin Ogbodo.

The Minister-in-Charge, Rev. Dr. Torty O. Onoh, gave a charge to the Parish, encouraging members to beware of the enemy’s cunning, dangerous and deadly tricks. He noted that irrespective of the enormity of obstacles we face, we have been assured that God will give us victory. He, therefore, encouraged members to learn from Joshua by focusing on the opportunities staring us in the face, through: making closure with the past; crossing the obstacle of sin; acknowledging that God’s divine power has given us everything pertaining to godliness in life; constantly feeding on the word of God and being doers of God’s word.

Reflecting on the 2019 General Assembly (GA) theme, Pastor Emmanuel Onuoha said that God is ready to bless His children this year with Divine surplus wherever we set our foot despite what is happening around us. Pastor Onuoha explained that being strong implies absolute belief and trust in the strength and ability of God, noting that it is the strength of God that will see us through 2019.

To “be strong in the Lord,”  he said means: Being strong in truth – never compromising the truth, but standing for it always; Being strong in Righteousness; Being strong in Evangelism; Being strong in preaching the gospel; Being strong in the word of God; and Being strong in prayers, making declarations for yourself, your family and for your nation.

Pastor Onuoha stated that “being courageous” means: doing something dangerous without fear.  He gave examples of courageous people in the Bible, citing the four Lepers in 2 Kings Chapter 7, among others.

To be courageous, he further stated, it is important to hear the word of God and ensure God’s word is not subjected to human logic; believe and run with the word of God and act promptly on God’s word.

Speaking on the same theme, Brother Justin Ogbodo assured members that God’s promise to Joshua in Joshua 1:9 is applicable to all of us today too, and that it is time to ensure we do not take things for granted, considering the times we live in now.

According to the speaker, the most important thing in life is for every believer to know the purpose of God for his/her life and to ensure that the purpose is fulfilled, by constantly evaluating our lives.

He reminded members that we live in perilous times where most of the end-time prophecies are being fulfilled. He showed members two documentaries to emphasize his message.

On Sunday, Brother Justin anchored his message on the sub-theme, ‘’Chosen to be Soldiers.’’ As soldiers of the Lord, the word of God must be a command that gives us no option or lives no room for negotiation, he said. Brother Justin, therefore, encouraged the Church to always fully depend on God. He said: ‘’when the Commander of the Lord’s Army comes into your situation, he does not take sides, He takes over.’’

In conclusion, Brother Justin reminded members that God has promised in His word to give us the keys to the kingdom of heaven.  Since heaven determines what happens on earth, it is incumbent on us to use the keys to make decrees and whatever we decree will stand. He encouraged the Church to always put on the full armor of God as written in Ephesians 6:11-18<x-apple-data-detectors://4>.

The leadership and all members of the Church were re-dedicated to the service of God. They  renewed their vows to serve the Lord with all their resources, including time and finances.

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