Christian Girls Mark 2019 Emphasis Week, Urged to be Bold and Courageous

By Sister Grace Nartey-Addo

Christian Girls Mark 2019 Emphasis Week, Donate Kitchen Utensils to John Knox College

The Christian Girls in Training (CGIT) of the First Abuja Parish donated kitchen utensils to John Knox College, a co-educational secondary school founded by the First Abuja Parish. The donation was part of the events and activities marking this year’s CGIT Emphasis Week, marked under the theme, “Christian Girl: Be Bold and Courageous.” 

The week-long CGIT Emphasis program, which commenced on Monday 21 October and ended on Sunday 27 October, featured the following:

•Monday, Oct. 21, 2019 – Fasting and Prayers

•Tuesday, Oct. 22, 2019 – Bible Studies led by members of the CGIT on ‘’Diligence and Service’’ with the Bible character, Miriam, as a case study (Exodus 2:1-10)

•Wednesday, Oct. 23, 2019 – Mid-Week Service

•Friday & Saturday Oct. 25 & 26, 2019 –   Rehearsals

•Sunday 27 October, 2019  – Thanksgiving Service 

The presentation of items to help furnish the John Knox College Kitchen was made on Wednesday. The CGIT delegation which visited the school promised the school that an industrial Deep Freezer would also be provided by the CGIT to cater for the school’s ever-increasing population.  

At the Midweek Service in the Wuse Church also on Wednesday, Ms. Hagar Takwah, the preacher, explained to the congregation what it means to be a Christian Girl in Training.  She observed that although some of the girls (including herself) participated in the CGIT activities out of compulsion sometimes, it is important to realise the importance of what the celebration means to the Christian Girl Child and to strive to achieve the needful for the future. She defined the Christian Girl in Training as simply ‘’the girl child of God who is committed to learning the ways of Christ so that she can grow up to be a strong female believer tomorrow.”  

The speaker gave a historical background of the CGIT, noting that the Pioneers were two young Canadian girls (Ms. Agnes Golan and Ms. Dorothy Bulman – alumni of the Canadian Girls in Training).  She enlightened the audience on the evolution of the CGIT since its inception in 1957 to date. Ms. Tarkwa encouraged the youth to draw courage and strength from the word of God, citing examples of women in the Bible who did the same and have become role models for us today, e.g. Esther, Ruth, Miriam, Mary (the mother of Jesus), Deborah, Hannah, Abigail etc.

In a goodwill message, CGIT Desk Coordinator, Rev. Mrs. Deborah Emem Akan, congratulated the CGIT and encouraged the girls never to be discouraged by the unprecedented increase in social vices being witnessed in the country presently. Rev. Mrs. Akan said these events place a high demand on believers to defend our faith in God. She said: ‘’adversity is like a training school, it is rigorous, painful, challenging and disconcerting, but never allow your relationship with God be impaired by anything.”  The Desk Coordinator encouraged the CGIT to draw strength from this year’s sub-theme, because in times of difficulty, the only source of unwavering strength is God, and one can only know God through His word.

The Desk Coordinated hinted that as part of the PCN’s interest in the Girl Child, an Educational Endowment Fund seeking to reach out to intellectually endowed, but financially disadvantaged girls in the church, has been launched. She appealed to members who desire to be part of this vision to donate generously towards this Godly cause.

The sermon on Sunday was delivered by Ms. Amarachi Okoro, who encouraged us as children of God to be bold, and speak out fairly when we see someone say something unfair. Citing the Maid of Naaman’s wife in 2 Kings 5:1-5, Amarachi observed that Courage is not being afraid or intimidated irrespective of your circumstances or location because intimidation happens in all spheres of life; in schools, offices, church, etc. She said for the child of God to be bold and courageous, we must constantly study the word of God, be prayerful, be determined to make the right decision with God’s help, and trust God to help you not to fear any evil, for He will always shield and be with you all the time.

The speaker appealed to fathers to help the girl child against molestation by being strong, standing for what is right and speaking up against molestation.

To the mothers, Amarachi advised: ‘’Train us the way we should go, don’t be like Herod’s wife, teach us to lead righteous lives, stop encouraging us to sin, don’t buy us clothes that would expose us to sin, treat all the children under your care fairly’’.

To the girls, she counseled: ‘’Be bold, stay connected to God, say no to evil.  Always be decent, prepare your ways for rapture will soon come.’’

The girls also presented a playlet, recited Bible quotations, sung praises to the Lord and were rededicated unto God by the congregation and the Minister in Charge, Rev Joseph Eton.

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