First Abuja Parish Celebrates 2019 Harvest and Thanksgiving

Report by Sister Grace Nartey-Addo

The First Abuja Parish (FAP) concluded activities marking her 2019 Harvest and Thanksgiving on Sunday, September 22. The year-long planning was anchored on the theme “The Courageous Harvester,’’ with the objective of raising funds to build an ultra-modern Creche and Children’s Church.

As a forerunner to the grand finale held on September 22, each of the Harvest Families of the Church (Crystal, Diamond, Emerald, Gold, Platinum and Ruby) took turns on various days to make presentations in the forms of musical drama, playlets, hymns, etc. The goal of the presentations was to educate, encourage, convince and urge members of the congregation on the importance and need to prepare for the Harvest and Thanksgiving. 

Still, as part of the celebrations, the Harvest Committee on Saturday, September 17, organised the “FAP Night of Bliss,’’ featuring praise and worship, testimonies and dinner.  

The event was an opener to the grand finale on Sunday, September 22, where the new Parish Minister, Rev Joseph B. Eton, led the congregation in prayers amidst some prophetic declarations. In his maiden sermon to the church titled, ‘’Assessing and Enjoying the Power of Harvest,’’ Rev Eton outlined several reasons for which everyone needs to assess the power of Harvest.

Among the reasons as highlighted by the Reverend were:

•The principles that guide harvest was established by God in Genesis 8:22. He explained that the devil knows the blessings that come with seedtime and harvest time, so he fights believers to ensure some of them do not sow well in order to miss out on such blessings.

•Harvest is a time when God responds to the petitions of the believer. It is a period of covenant renewal of wealth, i.e., when we acknowledge the goodness of God as the source of our resources; the period during which the Lord pours His blessings on us, Deut 8:18.

• Harvest is a time we receive the things we forget to ask God. For instance, Solomon asked for wisdom, but God added more.

• It is a time to smile at your enemy, 1 Sam 2:22.

• Harvest is a time to acknowledge God as the giver of all, and to show that we are not selfish, Acts 4:32.

• Harvest is the time when our faith is tested, when pretenders are exposed, when we are led unto things we need, but do not know how to get and a time when God introduces us to our destiny-helpers, among other blessings.

The atmosphere at the Church on the Harvest Thanksgiving Day was filled with joy, healthy competition among the families and a lot of gratitude for the goodness of God towards His children. The occasion was graced by some specially invited guests, ministers from sister parishes. The various FAP Outstations were also actively involved in the celebrations.

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