First Abuja Parish Celebrates Christian Girl’s in Training Emphasis Week

Report by Sister Grace Nartey

The Christian Girl’s in Training (CGIT) of First Abuja Parish recently marked the CGIT Emphasis Week as was celebrated throughout the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria. The theme of the week-long activity was, “Christian Girl: Walk as a Child of Light.”

The program which commenced on Monday 22 October 2018 with the formal launching by the Minister in Charge, Rev. Dr. Torty Onoh, ended on Sunday 28 October 2018 with a Thanksgiving Church service.

The activities included day-long fasting and prayers by the CGIT members and the Mothers; Bible Studies led by members of the CGIT; Mid-Week Service coordinated by the CGIT, with Miss Mercy Ude Agama as preacher; and donation of items to an Orphanage.

In the message delivered by Miss Ude-Agama at the Mid-Week Service, she said the importance of light cannot be underestimated as it is the first thing God created. She noted, therefore, that it is incumbent on every child of God to live as a child of light. Miss Agama hinted that, to live as children of light, every child must be obedient to the parents, as God ‘’speaks to us through our parents most of the time’’. She continued, “The child of God must have nothing to do with darkness because bad manners corrupt good character. We must therefore be careful of the company we keep.”

She encouraged members to stand firm for Jesus Christ, citing the example of Miss Lea Shaibu (in custody of Boko Haram) who decided to stand for Christ despite persecution as an evidence that we can all be firm in our resolve to be children of light. “Do what will make God smile at you from heaven; let your light shine so brightly that people will see God through your light, and use your light to win others to Christ,’’ the preacher concluded.

Sunday, Oct. 28, 2018, marked the grand finale of activities. To commemorate the event, the PCN CGIT Desk Coordinator Rev. Mrs Deborah Emem Akan, sent a goodwill message to the CGIT, congratulating the girls for yet another milestone in their walk with God. Rev Mrs Akan said she was particularly grateful to God for the girls because we live in turbulent times where human life is wasted at the least opportunity. She said ‘’God is keeping you alive by His mercies to fulfil purpose and destiny.’’ The CGIT Desk Coordinator advised the girls to always live by the word of God, to be truly children of light.

She pointed out that the spiritman of a Child of Light is always in tune with God, as the Holy Spirit inspires your thinking, gives the right vision, enables you to make the right choices in life, and guides you to keep the right friends. Rev Mrs Akan encouraged members to maximise their time here on earth, impact lives, win souls, eschew bitterness and all negatives vices, as they strive to excel at everything they do.

In her message, Miss Munachi Iduma who preached on Sunday, said for the girls to live as children of light, parents, teachers and all adults have a responsibility of teaching them to read, study and reflect on the Word of God, to avoid wandering from place to place, whereas there is light in the Presbyterian Church. Miss Iduma said children should be taught how to praise and worship the Lord not only in the church, but at home and in our schools as well. She pleaded with parents never to renege in their responsibility to train children the way they should go. Miss Iduma advised members to expose darkness, avoid things that are done when parents are not around and avoid light dimers such as gossip, unforgiveness, lying and all kinds of sin that deem the light of the child of God. She also sited Miss Lea Shaibu as a living testimony that even in this generation, we can live as children of light.

The girls also presented a playlet, recited Bible quotations, gave brief summaries of three bible characters who distinguished themselves in their generation: Ruth, Deborah and Esther. The CGIT appealed for funds to refurbish the John Knox College Kitchen, and they crowned the celebrations with cutting of the anniversary cake.

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