First Abuja Parish Holds 2018 Covenant Renewal

The First Abuja Parish of the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria, on Sunday, January 14, 2018 concluded activities marking the church-wide celebration of the Covenant Renewal Week.  The week-long activity, with the theme “Living By The Word of God” (reflecting the General Assembly’s  theme for 2018), commenced on Wednesday 10 January  and ended on Sunday 14 January 2018.  


This year’s celebrations featured, two resource persons: Mr Victor Emmanuel (Wednesday 10 -Thursday 11 January 2018) and Rev. Dr. Miracle Ajah (Friday 12 – Sunday 14 January 2018). In his message, Mr. Emmanuel noted that the theme calls on every believer to soberly reflect over our lives and possibly retrace our steps where we have fallen short.  He explained that the word of God comes to us through three ways: The spoken, written and incarnate words.  Mr Victor Emmanuel said in whatever form the word comes, it is a lamp unto our feet and light unto our path (Psalm 119:105), because the word gives direction and guidance as the believer moves from one stage to another. He also said that life outside the constraints and guidance of the word means living in darkness. Living according to the word is a survival prerequisite for every believer, as through the word, we mature into the stature of Christ. He said that to live by the word, we need to firstly get the word and know it; develop an intimacy with the incarnate word; acknowledge Him at all times and He will reveal mysteries to us.  Secondly, we need to believe the word’ as the same power that enabled the disciples of Christ to work wonders is still available to us.  Finally, it is essential that we obey the word.  



Speaking on the sub-title ‘’Giving attention to the word of God,’’ Rev. Dr. Miracle Ajah said a Christian who does not live by the word implies he or she is living by superstitions.  Rev.Ajah intimated that to live by the Scriptures, we need to: 

a.  Give attention to the word by being focused, taking a closer look or reading carefully and noting that God needs our attention anytime He wants to do something in our lives. He stated many advantages to the attentive believer including:  gaining understanding, excelling, seeing beyond the physical, re-orientation of the mindset etc. He also hinted that it is important to fight every attention distractor, create and maintain a covenant time with God and learn to apply different methods of listening to the word of God.

b.  Obey the word of God by acting your faith, never argue with God, doing what God wants (not what you want). He said obedience is important because: it is the only acceptable sacrifice God demands; it is the only price we pay to receive God’s promise for our lives; the completeness of our obedience punishes our disobedience; it is proof that we are serious about what we want etc.

The Rev Minister said, our obedience may be hindered if we have unteachable spirits.   Other hindrances are: Stuboneness, procrastination, familiarity and ignorance

Dr Ajah intimated that, to boost our obedience, we must have:  the Desire; Determination; Discipline; Direction and we should be willing to Deny ourselves.

c.  Speak the word of God (the Ezra Principle (Ezra 8:10). Make a covenant with yourself to study the word, obey the word and teach the word.


In his concluding message, Rev. Dr. Ajah, implored members to strive to become representatives of God in our generation, because God is always looking for people who will represent Him is every generation as in biblical times, e.g., Daniel, Joseph, Isaiah, etc. He cited examples of people who allowed themselves to be used in the not too distant past including Hope Waddell, Mary Slessor, etc. He expressed great concern about the rate of unprofessional enrolment into the Clergy of the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria, compared with the composition of Pastors in other well-known Churches and their growth rate. Dr Ajah used the occasion to appeal to professional members of the congregation to avail themselves to represent God in this generation even if not as full-time ministers.  He said God and the PCN needs our professional services.


The occasion was used to renew the covenant commitment of members of the Parish to serving in the various arms of the church.  Funds were raised to support the scholarships scheme of the church for its secondary school – John Knox College. 

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