First Abuja Parish Marks 2018 Mid-Year Showers with Five-day Revival

The First Abuja Parish held its annual Mid-Year Showers revival programme from Wednesday June 20 to Sunday June 24, 2018.

It was a five-day Holy Ghost-filled event, with Venerable Justice O. Okoronkwo of the Anglican Communion Jos, Plateau State, as the Guest Speaker. The revival programme was held under the theme ‘’Contending for the Word of God’’ (2 Tim 4:1-5), derived from the Presbyterian Church 2018
General Assembly’s theme: “Living by the Word of God.”

In his introductory charge at the opening of the event on Wednesday June 20,
the Minister-in-Charge of the First Abuja Parish, Rev. Dr Torty O. Onoh, gave
two main reasons why we must content for God’s word:

  1. The devil challenged God’s original Word given to the first couple created by God. They fell because they did not contend for the Word, and that fall led all of us into sin.
  2. God has warned us through Paul in 2 Tim 4:1-5, to be on our guard against the adulteration of the gospel, as we are currently experiencing.

Rev Onoh stated that, to contend for the Word, we need to: be watchful in all things and always; endure afflictions; do the work of an evangelist and fulfil our God given ministries. He advised us to critically, but soberly reflect on our reactions to: the way we receive the gospel, sound doctrine, true messages,
God’s plans for our lives, God’s unchanged and undiluted word, omissions, mutilation and removal of parts of the Bible, etc.

The guest speaker, Ven. Okoronkwo, in his series of teachings, said that to contend for the Word of God is to resist whatever contends with the Word and insist on the Word. Explaining the theme of the revival, he noted that “contending” suggests that there is a battle, a challenge, a debate, hostility, contest, need to take authority, need to define boundaries, etc.

The only way to win, Ven. Okoronkwo said, is to seek the right kind of knowledge through the Word of God. He noted that Hosea 4:6 has become very relevant in contemporary times than before. This is because although we live in an era of knowledge explosion, it is important to access the right kind of knowledge that would ensure we (especially the youth) live practically well, based on biblical principles.

Battle of the Youth.

The speaker said every parent has major battles to fight in ensuring that our children are given Word based foundation. This is because:

  1. The world is strategically trying to ensure that the youth become disinterested in the Bible by making them ashamed of the Bible and isolating them through derogatory remarks by Atheist professors in tertiary institutions.
  2. The Church has become a theatre of shame where the Word of God is watered down, and the life styles and doctrines of some church leaders have become a mockery to God.

Ven. Okoronkwo said that the greatest battle the youth face today is the argument between Science and the existence of God. The speaker however demonstrated with biblical facts and examples that every scientific argument and discovery against the truth of the Bible have been collaborated. SO, THE
BIBLE IS TRUE, he concluded. The youth must be made to understand that we have a good heritage that we should be very proud of, and the world must know about it.

Joy in Christ

In conclusion, the Guest Speaker encouraged members to ensure that we do not lose our salvation. He said our salvation is the keys of David given to us that leads to unlocking every door. To sustain our salvation, we need to embrace the joy of the Lord (Isaiah 12:3). He said the measure of the joy of God in you determines how long you live on earth.

Ven. Okoronkwo said that the devil tries to steal our joy by questioning our: identity in Christ, level of contentment, level of appreciation and tries to prevent us from seeing the wonders of God. He entreated Christians not to be ignorant of their IDENTITY in Christ; not to allow GREED, and ANGER to overshadow God’s blessings in their lives; learn to forgive to move forward in life and not allow PRIDE to steal our joy in Christ.

There were many powerful testimonies of miracles and different manifestations of God’s presence and faithfulness during the revival period.

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