Mothering Week 2019 Report

First Abuja Parish Celebrates Mothers

Report by Sister Grace Nartey-Addo


The Women’s Guild of First Abuja Parish concluded activities marking the church-wide celebration of Mothering Week on Sunday, March 10, 2019. The week-long activities were held under the theme: “Woman, Be Bold and Courageous.”

Details of activities included:

Monday, March 4, 2019 – Prayers and Fasting and A Formal Charge by the Minister in Charge, Rev Dr Torty Onoh.  In a short message titled ‘’Where is my mark upon your Life?’’ Rev Onoh explained that a mark is a sign of identity that distinguishes the godly from the ungodly especially in contemporary times.  He said to have the mark of God upon our lives implies to be totally dependent on God in all aspects of our lives.  As we do so, the Lord reveals himself to us, and He also reveals ourselves to us daily.  Rev Onoh encouraged all women to dedicate at least one hour each day to the Lord.  “Study and meditate on the word, and pray ceaselessly, as we experience tremendous transformation,” he counselled.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019 – Bible Studies led by members of the Guild on the topic: “The Christian Woman in Peace Keeping.”

Wednesday, March 6, 2019 – Mid-week Service featured a short message by Dr Mrs Anthonia Ekpa on the Topic, ‘’Bold as a Lion.’’  The speaker explained that since Jesus Christ is the elder brother of all believers, and He is known as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, we all have the DNA of Jesus Christ, so let’s manifest our Genetic potential as Lions and Lionesses by being bold and fearless.  The message was followed with a short Quiz on Church History and the Guild Handbook by representatives of all houses of the Guild.

Thursday, March 7, 2019 – Cultural Dances and Special Praise Night. There was also a short exultation by Rev Dr Mrs Nene Amogu on the topic: ‘’The Power of Praise.’’ The Rev stated that praise means worthiness and must form a very important part of our lives.  She indicated that praise accelerates answered prayers; encourages the miraculous; invokes the glory of God, drives away Satan; among others.

Friday, March 8, 2019 – Formal Dedication of the Mary Slessor Prayer Centre at Pyanko

Sunday, March 10, 2019 marked the grand finale of the Mothering Week.  In commemoration of the event, Elder Mrs Lucy Dickson presented a goodwill message on behalf of the PCN Women’s Desk Coordinator Rev. Mrs Deborah Emem Akan. In the message, the Guild Desk Coordinator congratulated the women on yet another milestone of experiencing God’s faithfulness.  She noted that if there is any time in the history of mankind that courage and boldness are needed, it is now.  Rev Mrs Akan said we need courage to stand firm in the Christian faith; not be intimidated or terrified despite communal clashes in some parts of the country that threatens the security of the church.

In a sermon titled ‘’The Mistakes of Rachael,’’ Dr (Mrs) Oluchi Onoh congratulated all women for their exceptional roles as mothers, wives, homemakers and courageous people.  She briefly explained the relevance of this year’s General Assembly Theme, especially to women. She said anytime God repeated a word, it is for emphasis, as in Joshua 1, where the Lord repeatedly told Joshua to be strong and courageous four times.  This is because, for any promise of God to be actualised, we need to travail in the place of prayer, seeking direction.

Dr Mrs Onoh explained that although Racheal was the beloved of Jacob, and it would be assumed that she should be the one to be favoured, but she did not enter the Lord’s promise because of the avoidable mistakes she made (Gen 29-31). Below were identified as the Mistakes of Rachael:

  1. She agreed to be a second wife;
  2. She was envious;
  3. She spoke negative words;
  4. She gave God’s place to man;
  5. She was involved in unhealthy rivalry;
  6. Stealing;
  7. Lying;
  8. Disrespected her father;
  9. Sat on idols and polluted the gateway of reproduction;
  10. She was bitter to the point of death.

The preacher encouraged all to be happy for those God has blessed and celebrate them rather than being envious, jealous or bitter.  She also advised us to be totally dependent of God instead of man for God never fails.

The Minister in Charge blessed all women and rededicated the executive members.

There was a Bible recitation, and a playlet by Guild members.







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